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by admin on November 15, 2010

Our coder has been working on the Black Ops hacks even before the game was released.  First Black Ops hack was released 6 hours prior to the official Black Ops game release. Yes, the coders released COD 7 Hacks much before the game release.

The COD 7 hack includes black ops Aimbot, wallhack and black ops cheats. The coders have gone one step further and even integrated a smiley face feature to their black ops hacks. Every enemy and teammate has a smiley face which makes it a lot more fun to see other players die lol. Call of duty hacks have been huge demand ever since the first call of duty game was released. Even though, Call of duty 1 wasn’t much of a hit but COD 2 is being played even today by millions of fans across the world.

The black ops has been developed by TreyArch, the same subsidy of Activision that developed Call of Duty: World at War. One of the most important and fun aspect of the Black ops is Theatre Mode, which enables you to watch a kill from a different angle and lets you record the kill and upload to popular video sites like the Youtube. The Call of duty Black ops PR team did a great job with the promotion of the game, because of which they grossed over $360 million in just 24 hours from the offfical black ops release, making it the biggest game launch ever.

Black Ops Hacks have enabled people to reach the much coveted level 55 in just 12 hours. The Sprint hack enables you to sprint all the time, making it much more difficult for people to aim at you and kill you. The COD 7 cheats involving a 3D map, lets you see through the walls and aim directly at the enemies. If you do buy Call of duty Black Ops Hacks, make sure it is from a trusted source that guarantees undetected by Punkbuster,PB, hacks so that you don’t get banned from every server on the internet.

I Hope you liked Black Ops Hacks this article, have fun !

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